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Terms and Conditions

Payment of consultation fees is due at the time of treatment. Receipts are supplied on request during the clinic visit, or a subsequent visit, but if it is necessary to post a receipt, there is a carriage charge.
Payment for services rendered and products provided is welcomed by cash or Debit Card. We prefer not to accept credit cards and cheques owing to the increased banking costs incurred by the their use.  
Please make a note of our 24-hour cancellation policy. A last minute cancellation hurts 3 people; you, the therapist, and the person who could have had your time slot.
There are certain unavoidable clinical costs involved in preparing and providing our services to you, and it is very difficult to fill a cancelled appointment without sufficient warning. To cover those unavoidable costs, appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice and missed appointments will be charged a fee of 50%. 
For reasons of safety, patients who come to have work on their nails must remove nail lacquer before attending the clinic. We regret that we must impose a charge of £2 if the therapist is forced to carry out this duty, and we cannot allow extra time over the treatment slot to compensate for the time spent removing lacquer.
Parents are asked to take responsibility for their children, and for reasons of safety to keep accompanying children seated at a safe distance in a seat designated by the therapist. Any damage or breakages incurred by unsupervised children will be charged at replacement or repair cost.