About in Guildford - Walking On Air Well Being
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Welcome to Walking On Air Well Being

This is a people focused practice based in Guildford, Surrey and we pride ourselves on delivering unsurpassed care and attention to all our clients. We offer a range of exciting, effective, tried and tested therapies in addition to a cutting edge approach to well being. Walking on Air offers a whole body experience – from podiatry and advanced clinical bodywork to oxygen therapy and energy (mind-body) work. On this website we have a general introduction at the top of each page, scroll down each one to get in depth information and to see testimonials from our delighted clients! We are happy to send you more on request.

We help you achieve your desired outcome by working with you, not for you. As we are all individuals with unique needs we may employ a number of different methods in the same session for optimum results.
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Clinical bodywork for everyone

We pride ourselves on offering an unsurpassed balance of experience, quality, individual service and price.
Amazing things happen here. We may be able to help you where other professionals have not been able to do so.
  • We aim to see you quickly and support you and your needs
  • We give quality, informed advice from passionate, experienced, extensively educated therapists who walk the talk and will always do their best for you
  • We have high standards and always work with love, great care and attention
  • We explain the likely root causes of your issues and offer a range of solutions, wherever possible
  • Because we are so passionate about our calling, we go that extra mile with joy
  • Our aim is to help you return to comfort and health – quickly.
  • Our local business was created in 1999.  We have off street parking away from Guildford’s town centre traffic, so no jams and no high parking charges to pay!

What do we offer at Walking on Air Well Being?

  • Expert podiatry, chiropody (crisis and maintenance), and professional clinical bodywork
  • Multidisciplinary and wholistic approach where tried and tested Eastern tradition meets modern, often cutting edge, clinically proven Western techniques
  • Injury and rehabilitation for all ages and abilities, not just sports people. We help older people to maintain balance and stability through muscle health and posture correction.
  • Pleasant, non-invasive, therapeutic treatments offering support for debilitating, chronic, autoimmune and immune suppressed conditions
  • Nutritional Coaching for weight loss and specific, individual concerns
  • Flexible approach to creating vitality and strength for clients of all ages
  • Rejuvenating therapies to help you exceed your expectations before and during your ‘golden years’
  • Skin rehabilitation on face, hands and body – damaged, dull and lifeless, scars, dry, flaking, cracked, fungal, etc.
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Home Lee

Jane Lee

BA Hons, MSSCh, MBChA, Member of the Society of Podiatrists
Qualified Health Care Professional Council registered Podiatrist
  • Intuitive Body Worker
  • Verruca specialist
  • Master Therapist, Trainer and Coach
  • Alchemist in soft tissue, orthopeadics, nails and skin
  • JING Trained Level 6 Advanced Clinical & Sports Massage
  • Core Postural Alignment practitioner
  • Certified Wellness Practitioner
Home Perry

Kimberley Perry


  • Qualified Reflexologist and Power Reflexologist (Dip. Level 3)
  • Intuitive Holistic Massage Therapist
  • Nutritional Coach (Dip. Level 4)