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Reflexology Hands

Why Choose Reflexology?

Your feet are a mirror of all that you are, all that you were and all you are becoming. Let Kimberley guide you into deep relaxation whilst hundreds of points on your feet are gently stimulated, creating peace, increased circulation, more refreshing sleep and less pain. ‘Walking on Air’ by name, walking on air by nature…


Similar to massage therapy, reflexology encourages the ‘rest and digest’ side of the nervous system to get to work, leaving you feeling soothed, rejuvenated and ready for a full night of deep sleep. Muscular and emotional tension benefit in equal measures with this 360 degree approach to health.

How Does Reflexology Work?

The difference between a general foot massage and reflexology is that reflexologists are focusing on specific parts of the feet that correspond with areas and systems of the body. In turn, pressure upon the plantar (soles) and dorsal (upper) surfaces stimulates nerves, including the all-important Vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve is the largest cranial nerve and governs the side of our nervous system which regulates heart rate, digestion and relaxation. Our feet have over 100 points that we use to access a multitude of locations including joints and organs. An imbalance in the texture of the skin or underlying tissue of a point can indicate a past or present problem you have had in that area.


Reflexology is a catalyst for your body to kick start its own innate healing ability. It is not the therapist who ‘heals’ you – your body is remarkable and it thrives on having been given the opportunity to do its vital self-healing work through the reflexology treatments. Any progress made through treatments is thanks to your body, we just provide the support and encouragement!

When Should I Have Reflexology?

Like most treatments we give here at Walking on Air, we see people in the midst of a health or emotional crisis, towards their recovery or for maintenance of vibrant health. Ideally, we join you on your journey through all the stages of healing as the path isn’t always a straight line and therapy work such as Reflexology can truly support mind, body and heart. Reflexology is a gentle therapy, allowing it to be accessed by even the most delicate client. It is powerful as a frequently applied preventative therapy as well as helping relieve tension, pain and aiding sleep for those with chronic or acute conditions.


Reflexology is suitable for almost everyone and provides a way in which your health could be supported whilst you relax. In this unique way it acts as a mirror – the feet tell a story of where the body and mind have been to the trained eye of the therapist. Reflexology can be used safely and harmoniously alongside other treatments such as prescription medication, radiotherapy and pre and post surgical work.

What Can I Expect From A Treatment?

First and foremost, reflexology is a calming therapy and is designed to comfort, reassure, support and then gently energise your whole body. It is also deeply relaxing and many find it enables them to mentally ‘switch off’. As your reflexologist works each specific point (reflex) you may feel more aware of where they are on your feet but we do not work into pain. In fact, you may feel so relaxed that you float away from focusing on your feet towards sleep or what is called the hypnogogic state – the blissful point between being awake and asleep.


The more often you have reflexology, the more quickly your brain makes the association with rest so you may find you sleep throughout sessions. We offer 60 minute, deeply calming and restorative sessions or 30 minute Power Reflexology treatments with a focus on one specific concern and its related systems – eg. lower back pain or headaches.


At the end of each session your therapist will discuss points that felt out of balance and may suggest ways in which small lifestyle changes may help you overcome challenges to your health.

About our Reflexologist

Kimberley Perry BA, MAR

Kimberley experienced first hand the profound effects of regular reflexology treatments upon chronic pain and injury after a car accident whilst completing her diploma. Having weekly treatment accelerated her recovery and she has been completed to help others overcome physical and emotional challenges ever since.


She has worked with clients from age 2 weeks to 93 years.


An advocate of treating body, mind and heart as a whole rather than any one part in isolation, she is driven to support you on your journey to recovery. Kimberley’s particular further interests include gastrointestinal disorders, grief, anxiety, back and shoulder pain. She is actually also a qualified Art Historian and keen Scuba Diver.


Kimberley studied a Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology under Louise Keet at The London School of Reflexology in 2012


Further qualifications;

  • Power Reflexology
  • Advanced Spinal Reflexology
  • Advanced Personal Nutrition
  • Reiki II
  • Rahanni Practitioner Training
  • Oncology Specific Massage Training

To take you in the right direction, we can offer:

  • 60 minute reflexology sessions for the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation including aftercare advice and lifestyle adaptations for £86
  • 30 minute Power Reflexology booster sessions, for regular maintenance and addressing specific concerns. £55 for 30 minutes
  • Power Reflexology is at its most effective when utilised on a frequent basis. Akin to medical treatments, many complementary therapies have a cumulative effect – tangible results are associated with repeat application. The power of a solid therapeutic relationship (between you and your therapist) is not to be underestimated as part of any healing process.
  • At Walking on Air we are advocates of short to mid-term commitments to health for a longer, healthier life in general. You may find that 6 Power Reflexology sessions gives substantial relief from a concern but please note results are dependant upon individual responses. We are all exceptional! Whether you experience Power Reflexology as a standalone treatment or as a series of sessions, our aim is for you to be able to rediscover a connection to your health.


In recognition of your loyalty and commitment to your health and therapy work we offer an 11th session on us for every 10 sessions you have.
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