Animal Therapies in Guildford - Walking On Air Well Being
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Animal Therapies

Animal Therapies at Walking on Air in Guildford, Surrey

Emmett Therapy has been steadily advancing in popularity as an effective remedial body and mind therapy for both human and animals since 1983.

This highly innovative gentle giant of a therapy originated in Australia, formulated by Ross Emmett as a result of his experience in the world of animal and human welfare. As a result of Ross’ mission to help as many people and animals out of pain as he could, the Emmett Technique is now taught and practiced inover 20 countries.
We introduced Emmett into our practice at Walking On Air Well Being professionally in 2011 and as a result of our passion for on-going professional training, we are now proud to hold the highest level Emmett Technique qualification possible, and we offer both human and animal treatments. Emmett Technique is recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
Emmett is a life enhancing therapy, no matter how many legs the patient has! For our work on animals we assess the connection between the owner/carer and their animal as part of the therapeutic treatment. Animals, and dogs in particular, are unsurpassed masters at disguising their pain and discomfort. Their methods of overcompensation are second to none. Hidden muscular and skeletal discomfort can lead to premature ageing and disguised fear manifesting itself as undesirable behaviour patterns such as aggression or repetitive licking.
Emmett uses a light yet precise fingertip touch on specific points on the body to release tension and rebalance posture. It is used primarily to rehabilitate orthopaedic issues of muscular and fascial dysfunction, thereby improving not only range of motion,but also relaxing the animal psychologically, increasing confidence, enhancing quality of life and building relationship harmony.
Using Emmett it is possible to rebalance skeletal alignment in the spine, neck and shoulders, hips and legs and is ideal for animals that are slowing down, getting stiff, or suffering painful conformation caused by ill advised breeding. Profound responses in animal physical, mental and social wellbeing are commonplace within just a few sessions.
Walking On Air Well Being is ideally situated in a semi rural environment, so your animal will not have to suffer the stress of town travel, and we have free parking facilities so you can walk your dog on nearby common land following treatment.

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