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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Cumulative Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) is a truly gentle giant of a Complementary Therapy.  Being reassuringly very safe, with no damaging side effects, it will bring you and yours multiple benefits, as it is a truly holistic healing and rejuvenating therapy.  Oxygen brings the renewal of life to the body and mind by speed-delivering generative power to each and every cell.

Our accessible soft walled chamber gives you a 30% increase in pressure, equaling 1.3 ATA (atmosphere) equivalent to 10 feet below sea level.  This is the highest level approved by the Federal Drug Association in the USA, and it allows for an exceptionally safe increase in tissue oxygen levels.  Studies have shown a 50% or more in plasma oxygenation after an hour in this type of chamber operating at 1.3 ATA.

Hyperbaric oxygen does not claim to treat specific diseases. It treats the whole body – the good, the bad and the ugly bits.  It empowers the body’s cellular structure to repair itself by super charging the self-healing abilities that your body already has.  Our comfortable treatment floods the brain with oxygen, giving it the energy to help with mental fatigue, grief, loss, depression and bereavement.


For the scientifically minded amongst you, oxygen combines with the body’s own Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP, which is found in all forms of life) to create powerful energy. The body exchanges this molecular unit of currency to buy greater activation of many processes in living cells, especially intracellular energy transfer, which it utilizes for bodily healing, as well as physical and mental motivation, i.e. energy expenditure bringing really good repair and renovation value to all systems.

The innate self-healing kit was included in the box on the day when you were delivered into this world.  Not sure? Visualize how your body miraculously immediately begins to grow new skin and repair itself before your very eyes when you cut yourself!  Oxygen speeds up this process and treats every part of your body, not just the sick bits.  It can help both acute and chronic health challenges (such as broken bones, torn ligaments, surgical sites and congestive diseases) by massively boosting the efficacy of your repair kit.

When oxygen is transferred into the body’s intracellular bank via the skin, it makes its way into the very bodily cellular fluid, which flows around all your cells, both in body and brain. Strongly boosted oxygenated cellular fluid therefore bathes everything, throughout your whole body, with is healing power. It reaches parts that other methods of oxygen delivery cannot reach.  The body takes what it needs where it needs it.  HBOT is non-prescriptive.

The hyperbaric method forces oxygen into the whole body, because it oxygenates the intracellular fluid. This is considerably different from merely taking in more oxygen via the lungs. A breathing mask delivering oxygen only increases oxygen levels by around 2% into the areas where blood freely flows as you inhale the gas.  Where there are damaged, diseased or congested tissues, blood does not find an easy passage.  Speedily delivering the vital life support ingredient through the skin into the cellular fluid bypasses all these obstacles by gentle but powerful force.

For this reason, therefore, it is easier to see how Hyperbaric treatments can aid and considerably speed up the recovery in cases of congestion, such as inflammation; swelling, burns, broken bones, torn ligaments and tendons, surgical sites, brain damage, diabetic skin, congestive heart disease, impact injuries, arthritis, abnormal cellular growth and so on.  It will, of course, also help cases of lung oxygen deprivation, such as breathing issues, suffocation and smoke inhalation.

Even chronic congestive conditions such as arthritis in its various forms, fibromyalgia, ME, depression, asthma, heart complaints, early memory loss and eye function are helped.  In addition, because the very nature of oxygen is repair and regeneration, it is a terrific all over anti-ageing therapy, which is why so many people in the public eye are rushing to enjoy an oxygen boost!

As well as rapid and enhanced recovery rates (especially important for chemotherapy patients), we as therapists see, and our clients are repeatedly reporting, increased energy levels, clarity of thought and generally more joy in their lives.  This is, indeed, as near to a panacea as you can get!  It is, indeed, a tremendously valuable universal remedy.


Oxygen Chamber
Old man portrait

The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen gives the body a powerful healing and rejuvenating boost whilst you simply lie back and relax. Its vast range of benefits include:

  • Anti-ageing to the entire body
  • No pills, needles or powders – just O2
  • Delivers regenerative oxygen to tissue cells up to 25 times normal levels
  • Supports the function of the immune system and improves resistance against infections
  • Upgrades and hastens the healing process of wounds, burns and infection
  • Helps the body to renew damaged neurons, including those of the eyes.
  • Promotes and encourages the elimination of toxins from various systems
  • Stimulates the production of stem cells
  • Decreases inflammation and swelling
  • Speeds up recovery from surgery thus improving outcome
  • Helps radiation necrosis (tissue death) after radiotherapy treatment, and eases discomfort associated with radiation burns (radiation dermatitis)
  • Oxygenates body where acute blood loss has taken place and transfusion is not possible
  • Increases regeneration of injured / broken bones & tissues
  • Speeds recovery from jet lag and similar deep fatigue symptoms
  • Energises the body and assists in relieving brain fog – particularly helpful in cases of ME, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, early stages of dementia and post chemotherapy
  • Reduces healing time of ligament and soft tissue damage
  • Helps traumatic and ischemic brain injuries
  • Assists in the restoration of latent or penumbral areas of brain so may be helpful in the treatment of conditions such as Cerebral Palsy.
  • Proven to assist in the formation of new blood vessels leading to partial restoration of the brain following injury, ischemic attack or stroke
  • Encourages cardiovascular and respiratory recovery following heart attack
  • Decreases fatigue levels caused by chronic inadequacy of oxygen levels within cells and body tissues
  • Eases migraine, glaucoma and sudden hearing loss
  • Supports healing and calm body and mind following physical trauma or emotional shock
  • Enhances recovery from smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning

For technical explanations of the services we offer, see the educational films on our associate’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thewellnesstreegroup
where you will discover the benefits of the highly advanced technology we have at Walking On Air Well Being to help you feel a positive about your health once again.

Increased energy leads to more brain stimulation, which leads to an increase in positive thoughts. Mental wellbeing and happiness helps us to heal more quickly.

How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work?

The human body is a massive devourer of oxygen. We rely on oxygen for life of course. Before oxygen, there was no life! Without oxygen we do not last many minutes before damage occurs, followed by fatality unless we take another breath. Humans consume roughly 6 lbs of oxygen per day. This gross consumption far outweighs any other nutrient demands made by the body.

The primary purpose of oxygen within the body is to generate energy. The fats and carbohydrates we consume only generate around 50% of the energy we need. In order to enable our bodies to make stored energy accessible for consumption, our cells have to convert this stored energy into ATP (the body’s recuperative energy currency) through its use of oxygen.
The chemistry law ‘Henry’s Law’ states that fluid absorbs more gas under pressure. Therefore, in a hyperbaric chamber we greatly increase the partial pressure of oxygen, which encourages the vital gas to dissolve into the body’s plasma and other waterborne bodily fluids. Dissolved water and gases are able to cross the semi-permeable cell membrane walls through osmosis and diffusion.
Every cell in the body is bathed in fluid. The body is roughly 70% water, so we can use the hyperbaric chamber to deliver oxygen under pressure to every tissue in the body. This is so even to areas where the blood vessels are blocked, such as in the case of diabetes, trauma, or surgical intervention. Our bodies then convert the oxygen to healing and rejuvenating currency.
There is no need to get undressed for this therapy – you simply comfortably lie there and the body does the work!
“You get oxygenation, decreased swelling and decreased inflammation all in one treatment. If a drug did this a pharmaceutical company would make quite a bit of money.” 
– Dr D. A. Rossignol MD and hyperbaric specialist/Medical Veritas 2006
Hyperbaric oxygen is a cumulative treatment, which means that you will need a number of sessions, all within a reasonable period of time. The regularity will be discussed in the light of your condition, but you do need to take at least 10 hours of oxygen before you begin to really feel the true benefit where a truly debilitating condition is concerned, because by 10 hours many new blood vessels will form in the oxygen deprived areas. We discuss your progress at every visit.
By 20 to 30 hours of oxygen saturation the restoration can become permanent. We generally suggest that you spend at least one hour in the oxygen tent per session, but longer sessions mean that you will experience the recovery more quickly and economically. For lesser issues, such as a pulled muscle, it may be that a much shorter treatment will suffice.
For hyperbaric treatment you do not need to remove anything but your shoes, although we do strongly recommend loose, comfortable casual attire. You can listen to music, talk on your mobile, use your iPad, read or just enjoy the chance to sleep in the tent, which means that you should be able to take a nice long session with ease. Our clients all comment on how they find the chamber deeply relaxing and associate it with positive progress.
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