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We are Jane and Kimberley, and we were born to touch. Find here two therapists on a mission to understand your needs and support you through any emotional or physical challenges you currently face.

Between us we have over 30 years of passion about and experience of the human body and the intricacies of how it responds to our emotions. Your body adapts and supports you in miraculous ways and we help to boost its power through podiatry, clinical bodywork, holistic massage therapy, reflexology, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, low level light therapy, trauma discharge therapy, and so much more.

Walking on Air Well Being is an intentionally small business, serving our local community with care and attention that comes from an authentic desire to help others feel good about life once again. We get to know all our clients so well that our beautiful 19th-century chapel feels like a second home for many!

Our mission is to take you from glimmer to glow.


All our services and treatments are explained when you click on the symbols below.

If you already know which appointment type you would like, or need some advice, call us on 01483 45400. If you are looking for medical oxygen or hyperbaric oxygen treatment, please email us with a brief description of the problem you are hoping to address.


Explore our range of wellbeing services that we offer at Walking On Air

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Let us nurture your feet with our expert foot care solutions!
Knowledgeable, fast-acting, caring podiatry for foot, heel or leg pain, corns, callus, cracked heels, nail issues, foot orthotics and more.

Fast, comprehensive, relaxing massage treatments for pain relief and injury. Supportive, gentle bodywork for emotional stress, anxiety and trauma.


Be guided into deep relaxation whilst hundreds of points on your feet are gently stimulated, creating peace, increased circulation, more refreshing sleep and less pain.


Gently enhance your recovery through a range of advanced techniques including Far Infra Red, Emmett Technique, Reflexology and Low Level Light Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen and massage treatments.


Supercharge your body’s innate healing ability with our Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber. Discover how our new, optional, O2 mask system delivers 97% oxygen to the lungs and brain.


Be empowered to nourish yourself once more with one-to-one coaching from Kimberley. Teaching you how to take ownership of your health by rediscovering the joy of eating well.

Gently ease muscular and joint pain and enhance posture. Soothing and gentle, it is appropriate and invaluable for helping even the most sensitive beings. In fact the Emmett Technique can be used on both humans and animals.


Life enhancing therapies for animals – light yet precise fingertip touch on specific points on the body to release tension and rebalance posture. Increases confidence, agility and youthfulness. Light therapies too.

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